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Doug Holman


5 syyeh

I happened to meet Doug Holman by happenstance when I stopped by an open house for a townhome in the Greenlake area. Not a fan of most salespeople I’ve encountered, real estate or other, I was extremely impressed by Doug’s demeanor. He immediately came off as genuine and friendly but not overbearing or pushy. I felt an instant trust and comfort with him that I decided to ask him to assist me as my agent. Initially, Doug took me out to get a feel of places or layouts I would like in my home. After a couple of meetings, I decided to postpone my purchase and rent temporarily. About 4-5 months later, I decided I was ready to begin my search again. Doug remembered me, which was very nice, and readily prepared places of interest based on our previous search but also detailing and new requests I may have. He was easy to work with and quickly responded to all my questions and concerns. During our search, Doug would willingly tell me of any defects of the home or things to be concerned or worried about prior to purchase. He was forthcoming with information that was useful to a new homebuyer or someone with no experience. I didn’t feel like I was being swindled or “sold” on anything. He in truth, was my friend and a confident that was helping me to purchase my new home. I greatly appreciated his assistance and candidness so I felt I was getting the home I wanted at a great value. I found my home within a month and purchased it within a week after making an offer. Granted the seller expedited the sale, but Doug was there to help move everything along smoothly including referrals for a loan officer, that I also loved. I enjoyed working with Doug so much that I recommended my friends to him and they recently purchased their home too. Thank you Doug for a great first time experience!

5 Hans N

I did not know Doug Holman before I enlisted his services as my Real Estate Agent. He was highly recommended to me by a friend. I was very impressed with Doug from the opening moments of our working together relationship to the very end. My purchase had some very abnormal circumstances related to the transaction and Doug was able to flawlessly arise to the occasion at every turn and bump in the road. Regardless of how busy he was with other clients he always made me feel like my transaction was of the utmost importance to him. Although the level of drama was high at times, Doug always kept his cool and offered his assurance that no matter how invested in the process he was, if I ever wanted to turn away from the transaction, he would support me. It was important for me to feel that Doug was my business partner throughout the entire transaction. When you work with Doug you’ll see that a person of his talent could’ve chosen to work in any other field and it’ll become apparent that Real Estate is his career of choice and that he’s clearly a head and shoulders above his peers. I hope you have the opportunity to work with Doug Holman and that you enjoy working with him as much as I did.

Sincerely, Hans Nordlund

5 erickfahsholtz

Doug Holman did an excellent job in representing me in my recent purchase of a Bellevue home. Doug identified the property and helped me negotiate a great purchase price. This was extremely difficult because the house was a bank owned foreclosure property. After the difficult closing process, Doug used his extensive network of contacts to help me repair damaged items in house. I would highly recommend Doug as both a buyer agent and listing agent. Doug goes the extra mile to get the job done. I plan on using his services again in the near future! Regards Erick

5 bhands

When someone asks me if I know a good real estate agent, I always respond immediately with pure confidence and pride: Doug Holman. He puts you at ease right away. He’s a great communicator, he LISTENS and he asks the right questions. After 20yrs in the business of banking and real estate he knows exactly what he’s doing. Buying and selling homes can be stressful, but Doug makes it enjoyable with his smarts and a healthy sense of humor. I’m a builder, what a relief it has been to be so well represented through good times and bad! Doug helped me sell over 20 spec homes, 5 stars are’nt enough (:

5 TVBertagnole

Selling my condo in a difficult market was challenging, but working with Doug was a rewarding experience. His extensive background in real estate and finance, combined with his intelligence, common sense, down to earth values, and sense of humor made the entire process so much easier than it should have been. He makes the whole process feel like working with a good friend, rather than an agent, and he’s very responsive to your requests and concerns. Doug listens patiently to what his clients want, then suggests the best approach without forcing it. He’s so tuned in to the market that he knows what works and what doesn’t, and he’s pleasant and fun to work with. I can’t think of an agent with a better combination of real estate and people skills. Ultimately, my condo sold at the price I wanted, and the transaction couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Doug even dropped by my condo on closing day to see if I needed any help putting the finishing touches on the cleanup. You will love working with Doug Holman!

5 shawnb63

Doug Holman worked hard in a very tough economy to successfully market our property. He advised patients and process and worked through our frustrations with the market and need for a knowledgeable sounding-board with professionalism and experience. His calm and sensible approach, along with his depth of experience made the closing process smooth and stress free. We will call Doug again in the future and recommend him highly.

5 Emerald City Seller

Doug assisted me (as a buyer’s agent) with my first home purchase in 1994. Unlike other agents who I considered using at the time, Doug was not pushy, and indicated his willingness to work with me even when I wasn’t sure at the time if I was ready to buy then, or wanting to wait a few months. Doug walked me through the process from Step 1 completely through the purchase, and was professional, easy to work with, patient with my many questions, and made sure the sale went through without any problems. When I was ready to sell that first house in 2003, Doug did a fantastic job of marketing the property and handling the sale. I had an offer and purchase and sale agreement after two days.

Doug recently completed the sale of our second house, in September 2011. These are more uncertain times, but Doug once again did a fantastic job for us, and resulted in a sale after a very short listing period. Doug’s thoughtful,careful analysis of house preparation, pricing, staging, listing, and handling of the ensuing transaction was professional, knowledgable, and reassuring. It was really nice to know that we could turn to Doug to handle our sale without a moment’s hesitation. He once again did a truly exceptional job for us.

We have referred Doug to family, friends, and acquaintenances, and everyone has been very happy with his services. I look forward to having Doug handle all of my future real estate needs.

5 brittbennett

Doug was recommended to me several years ago when I started looking for a condo (my first home purchase ever) in North Seattle. A number of my friends had used him when buying their homes, and they could not recommend him highly enough. As soon as we went on our first condo-shopping outing, I saw what they were talking about.

Doug not only knows a lot about the real estate market in the area, but he’s a very straightforward, no-B.S. kind of guy. His insight and experience were invaluable to me as I navigated what was an intimidating and overwhelming new territory for me. I always felt that Doug put my best interests as the home-buyer first (ahead of say, getting a sale), pointing out the assets and drawbacks of each of the couple dozen condos we visited, much of which I never would have noticed had he not been there. His patience and geniality were wonderful too, making each outing a pleasant experience.

I’m so glad I chose Doug as my agent; without him I probably would not have made as well-informed a decision or felt as confident about it as I did. When I am ready to move again, I will be sure to call him up.

5 cs7574

Doug has excellent knowledge of the property holdings in the Seattle area, an accurate meter for gauging the true value of a home and seeing its potential, the ability to match potential properties to a buyer’s interests and lifestyle, a great feel for the where there is and is not room for negotiation in the sales process, and a great manner that keeps both sides at ease during the entire course of the transaction. His professionalism, honesty and integrity are impeccable. I have worked with Doug on five or six transactions with great satisfaction, would use him again myself, have regularly recommended him to others, and will continue to do so.

5 melissa314

I bought the first house Doug showed me – after I made him show me at least 6 more. I mean really, just because he took the time to learn about me: what I wanted, needed, craved, secretly hungered for in a neighborhood and home, why should I just blindly follow his advice? Because he’s good. Really good. He really listened to what I wanted, added what he knew I needed, and topped it all off with what was best in the short AND long term. Twelve years’ later, I’ve bought and sold other properties with Doug. I’m talkin’ multiple, here. And every time, he’s brought the same dedication, understanding, and bone-deep knowledge of real estate to the process. Not to mention his knowledge of me. He’s been right, every single time. Right enough that I send my friends to him. I trust Doug Holman, and you should too.

5 alexpburns

Doug was our realtor when we purchased our Wedgewood home in 2004 and again when we sold the same house in 2010.  The market was bustling in 2004 and we put in several offers on different homes in the area before buying our house.  We were impressed with Doug’s knowledge and timeliness in the negotiations and paperwork necessary to move quickly to get an offer in. 

Afterward, Doug became a great resource to us during our homeownership – helping us find quality services and answering questions we had as first time homeowners.  This was above and beyond the call of duty, something that we appreciated of Doug very much.

The housing market in 2010, when we decided to sell our home, was a difficult time to be selling.  Doug helped us price our house in a way where we were able to sell quickly and yet meet our pricing expectations.  While selling the house we lived out-of-state and we appreciated Doug’s willingness and ability to find people to make repairs to the home as well as manage those repairs. 

Doug is very personable, knowledgeable, and hard-working – not only a great resource, but simply a great guy.  We can only hope to find a relator like Doug in our new state; it’s going be tough to fill his shoes!

5 michdiet

I enjoyed working with Doug; he is very knowledgeable, honest and was very patient with me while I was looking for a new home. He explained everything every step of the way and made the whole process easy.

This was my first home I’d purchased in over 25 years and he made it a great experience.

I would recommend him in a heart beat.

5 Pattenaude

Doug has assisted my wife and I with four real estate transactions over the last 18 years. We keep going back to Doug because we know he is trustworthy and not out for the quick buck.

Doug has always been patient, given us his honest opinion on things, and has ultimately focused on ensuring we were satisfied customers when the transaction was complete.

5 N. Bliss

Doug was the agent that helped us with the purchase of a bank owned condo. He was fantastic. Very knowledgable, and very quick to respond to all our first time buyer questions. He spent a lot of time with us, showing us a variety of property options and was really interested in finding us the right fit.

5 rockercfun

Doug was great with helping us deal with the company that was selling our home and when the company finally called us back we were able to get the perfect price for a great home! Thank you Doug! We appreciate all of your help!-Amber and Paul

5 fishon911

When we decided to move to the Seattle area, we contacted a high profile real-estate agent in down town Seattle. After several months of looking a property we did not like, we decided to change agents. We found Doug Holman and are most happy with his services. Doug quickly realized what we were looking for, and found use the home we were looking for. We found Doug to be very patient, honest, a good negotiator and has a great sense of humor. Peggy and I would recommender Doud as Great Real Estate Agent.

5 jenkgu

My Husband and I have worked with many, many agents over the years and Doug was the best one. We liked him because he is very personable without being too chatty. He was able to sift through a ton of information quickly and help us arrive at the best investment for our situation. He doesn’t automatically trust everything he reads in the Multiple Listing and is willing to dig a little deeper to figure out the truth about a property. When we were negotiating and going through closing his knowledge about the Seattle area and what we should expect and ask for was invaluable to us. After closing he has continued to stay in close contact to help us as landlords.

5 ishqdesign

Doug was great to work with – a real gentleman. He made the process of finding our house enjoyable. He was kind, professional, thorough, and attentive to OUR needs. He drove us around until we found the perfect place — even took us back to it after we initially scoffed at it. He was right; the house we purchased, for our price range, was the best of what we could afford. He found us a great house in a great neighborhood and held our hand the whole way through. Doug made me feel like I had someone in my corner who was sincerely there for me as he advocated for us every step of the way. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.

5 Zack and Alice

If you are looking for a house in the North Seattle area, I highly recommend contacting Doug Holman. He stuck with us through the process even after we walked away from a house at the last minute. We started back at square one and he didn’t give up until we were moved in and settled. Doug was extremely knowledgeable on the area and was not afraid to get down and dirty to make sure that the house we were looking at was truly something we might be interested in. Even after the sale was finalized, when we came upon an small unforeseen complication, Doug was readily available with names of reliable people to contact so it could be remedied as soon as possible. He continues to send important/interesting information about our neighborhood. All in all, Doug will stick around through the thick and thin until his client is satisfied. I am confident that he will not disappoint.

5 user44126

Doug Holman is the real estate expert you want on your side when you are buying a home.

My wife and I were on the hunt for our first home in December 2011 when we met Doug.

We were planning on meeting with several agents and picking the one who best matched our interests. We were looking for someone who was experienced, straight forward, family oriented, and who had our interests in mind and who took his job seriously.

I liked Doug from his description of himself; “I’ll be the 40 something 6’2″ guy with a manila folder.”

Our first meeting went very well. After checking out a few of his references (all glowing recommendations) we decided Doug was our man.

Doug took the time to find out our interests, our price range and our future plans. He sent houses our way, gave candid reviews of the properties, and took us touring.

After several weeks of looking, we found our future town-home – a great deal of a short-sale that was being rented to tenants. Doug made it easy for us – he set us up with a loan officer (who obtained a great deal for us), obtained concessions from the bank, dealt with the tenants, helped with setting up utilities, and more.

The process from submitting a bid to closing took over three months. During this time he kept sending us more properties to check out in case the short sale fell through and maintained constant contact. Even after the sale Doug continued to help until the entire sticky tenant situation was resolved.

Doug is an intelligent expert in his field and made us feel like we were his only client. It was evident that our well-being was important to him.

Doug will be on our team for our next home purchase.

5 Chris Charlie

Doug is a true professional. Ultimately we had no idea where we were going to purchase a home. We had it narrowed down to both the 1-5 and the 405 corridor so pretty much any good neighborhood on the east side OR the west side. Doug was patient and knowledgeable, not only about the neighborhoods but also homes in general. Many times I found myself asking him his opinion about structure, remodels etc, no shortage of information, BUT if he did not know, he was up front with me and later email me the answer. We spent a lot of time in the car, riding with Doug was a real pleasure, he has a good sense of humor which kept us going when at times the wind was out of our sails. I would recommend Doug for many reasons but what really stood out was the following; he was fair, patient, professional, prompt, punctual, passionate and he made time for us. This is the type of agent you want to work with, no frills, no gimmicks, just excellent service.

5 user8586605

Doug is a fabulous real estate agent. We were initially very casually looking for a new home and had a time-frame of months to a year, as we wanted to find the right house at the right price. Doug took us to see dozens of homes but never pressured us to decide on location or time-frame. When we did find the house we wanted, he was a steady voice who guided us through the entire process, providing reasonable and sound advice on making an offer, guiding us through inspections, bringing a contractor to take a quick look at the house to determine how difficult any renovations or later additions might be, and providing calming reassurance during ridiculous interactions with lenders. We even ended up choosing a different lender at nearly the last minute and he didn’t flinch. He also does his homework–he called the neighbors in the area we decided to buy to determine noise levels, looked up schools and gave us printed reports on the neighborhood, and generally went the extra mile. He was always prepared when he showed us a property. Definitely call Doug if you are looking to buy a house!

5 user7267449

My husband and I were looking for a house on Zillow, that is how we met Doug. He showed us a couple of houses and we really enjoy the service he provided. He is very knowledgeable, honest and professional. Any home buyer or seller would benefit from his work.

5 user9309564

Doug Holman’s the best. He helped me with the upleg of a 1031 exchange. I’m in the process of selling some real estate I own in California and re-invest in the Seattle area. I sold a small apartment in California without realizing how tight the Seattle market was and would have had a bad result if Doug wasn’t there to help me. Doug has such a command of the neighborhoods he works that he seems to be able to sense which properties will be best from the investment perspective. He also can look beyond the first impression and see hidden value. He has experience fixing up properties that might be undervalued in their initial state, and has an extensive list of contractors and handymen that he will recommend if the numbers work out. The market in Seattle was hard to break into in April 2013 but Doug kept working with me until I accomplished my objective, which was to find real estate that produced a very respectable rate of return. The properties are well enough located so they will probably appreciate nicely. I am managing the properties myself but had to return to California for an extended period. Doug has been kind enough to help me find handymen for a few small items that came up since my leaving. I’m an experienced investor and have worked with good realtors before. Doug is the best.

5 user493142

Doug Holman’s attention to detail really sets him apart from other sellers. I have sold four homes over the last 8 years and by far, Doug was the best. He stays engaged not only during the listing proces but really takes the time to make sure the house is staged properly and is looking its best for a great sale. We sold our home at the slowest period of the year and he put in time to draw the few buyers in with open houses and networking with buyers agents. Doug did nto encourage us to take the first offer on the table either as I ahve seen from other agents, he knew what we could target for a sale price and we stuck to our guns, it was worth following his good advice. I would use Doug again for either sellign or buying and if you are in the market, I wouldn’t recommend any other agent than Doug.

5 user1446539

Doug has been my agent with the two properties I have purchased, and I have been very impressed with the job that he did each time. He is easy to work with, knowledgable, and makes the whole process very smooth.

Doug was more than willing to take me to look at all the properties I wanted to see and was great at noticing details about them that I would never have noticed: things like neighborhood, condition of the property, and what (if anything) should be expected when it came to maintenance or possible property improvements. He was open and communicative about the negotiations and buying process, so I never felt like I didn’t know what was going on or where I stood.

The price on the last place was not particularly high so I’m sure he had some bigger deals in the works, but you would never know by the time he spent and care he took to make sure I got a place that I wanted at a price that I was happy with. I recommend him to my friends & co-workers, and will definitely work with him in the future.

5 user7673010

As a client, my house-hunting process extended of a long period of time because I vascillated over a decision whether and when to buy. Doug was very patient and understanding of this process, and always was enthusiastic to “jump back in the game” with me in response to my email or telephone call that it was time to initate the search again. Doug’s knowledge of the region’s real estate market is vast and and he has expert understanding of the real estate transaction process, as any client would expect and want. Doug is a consummate professional: competent in his job and respectful, honest and direct. His manner of interacting is a perfect blend of clear communication, assertiveness and affability, and I thorougly enjoyed his personality and appreciated his efforts throughout this process.

5 user95767987

Doug was great to work with! He has a positive and friendly attitude, and he did great in communicating with the listing agents. He also did lots of research on property history, etc. I’d definitely use Doug again if in the market, and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to others.

5 user3062521

As a first time home buyer, Doug inspired confidence in the hunt for a place to call home. Doug did not try to rush us or pressure us into settling on a house and was the first person to call out problems with a potential home. He even steered us away from a few houses that we initially liked but that would have caused us serious problems down the road.

When we found “the one,” Doug immediately reached out to the seller’s agent to put us in the pole position to get the house. We got into a bidding war with another potential buyer, and I relied on Doug’s advice throughout. We got the house!

Doug also has great relationships with home inspectors, mortgage brokers, and other realtors, greatly reducing the stress of the closing process.

I will rely on Doug for all my real estate needs from here on out!

5 zuser20140617175354040

My wife and I were new to the area looking for our first house and were recommended Doug by a work colleague and friend. As buyers, we couldn’t have been happier with the service we received. Doug was able to process the type of house we were interested in in the area we were interested in and show us only the houses that met our specifications. He was patient with us throughout the whole process. He was also honest with us about his opinions on certain properties, features, locations, etc. He never once tried to up sell us or push any property on us that we weren’t interested in. We grew to trust him implicitly. Doug was patient with my wife and I and eventually found us the house we ended up buying. He was shrewd in his negotiating and got us the best deal possible, even in this hot market. We can not give any higher endorsement of him. We hope that Doug is still working in the future when we decide to sell and find another property.

5 mnajerita

Doug was my realtor for my first home purchase. He really took the time to understand what we were were looking for. By taking us out and sending us gentle reminders of what was out there, we were able to figure out exactly what we were looking for. When it came time for putting in an offer, he was helpful but in the end let us decide what the home was worth to us. Doug is great in that he shares his opninion in helpful ways to get a real feel for the condition of the homes you are looking at. We also had a bit of a rocky time with the selling agent, but he patiently worked through the deal despite lack of responsiveness on the sellers part. I highly reccommend Doug as a buying agent and would use his services in the future.

5 glacierberg

First time home seller. Doug was very realistic in what he thought I could sell my house for as it had unique features that limited the type of buyers. It sold quickly once the price matched with what was selling. Doug made the process easy.

5 m a mcboyle

It really doesn’t get much better than Doug. I was a first time home buyer when I was working with Doug and he could not have been a better match for me. Doug was able to provide me with insight on things I knew nothing about and played a key role in making me feel 100% sure about my decisions. There was a time during the closing process where things got a little hairy and I began to stress out. I honestly don’t think I would have made it through that process without Doug coaching me along the way and providing his established insight. His experience and knowledge in the industry shines through while working with him. I will continue to use Doug for years to come!

5 spencerchan

Doug has been my agent since I purchased my first house in 2002. Not only is he always professional, knowledgeable, and collaborative, but he also goes above and beyond the call of duty. Doug integrates his expertise of the industry with the needs and wants of his clients. Since 2002, Doug has helped me to sell a couple of my parents’ rental houses, as well as provided valuable insight whenever I have questions regarding real estate or property management, regardless of whether I am actively looking or just curious about the market. On top of all this, he is very approachable and personable- you never have to worry about be given the hard sell, or being bullied into purchasing/selling something you don’t want to do. This year was no different. Over the past couple years, I’ve been thinking about purchasing a new house. This year, I finally decided to commit, and began the search process. The housing market in Seattle was very hot, and inventory was very low. Through it all, Doug provided sound advice and guidance, support, but also knew when to challenge me on things. As I am a single person, his feedback and input to me was invaluable- it provided me a second set of eyes and helped me to process through what I really was looking for. Ultimately, I found an amazing house, and Doug was steady through the entire negotiating process, even when surprises popped up. When I first met Doug over a decade ago, I thought I was hiring him to help me buy a house. Instead I found a person and a friend who I trust and respect to provide honest feedback and clear insight. Not only have I continued to use him for my or my family’s needs, but I’ve also recommended him to other friends. All of them have had success with Doug.

5 youthie

Doug was great at listening to my feedback about places that I did and did not like to hone his recommendations for me. He was also extremely patient and offered thoughtful advice when I couldn’t make up my mind. Knowing that I was flexible about closing dates, he used that to my advantage to negotiate an offer. Once my offer was accepted, Doug was extremely helpful in explaining the next steps. I really enjoyed working with Doug and would definitely recommend him.

5 nar mayr

Doug was an invaluable resource during our home search and continues to be a huge help as we plan a major remodel in View Ridge. Relocating from Ohio, my wife and I didn’t know individual neighborhoods well or the amenities that came with, but Doug quickly got us up to speed, identifying the pros and cons of each location. And we certainly didn’t fully understand just how competitive the Seattle market was. Doug clearly explained the tactics necessary to compete in multiple offer situations when we chose to do so. He also wasn’t afraid to recommend against certain homes if the value wasn’t there. In the end, our home search took much longer and was much more exhausting that we would have ever thought possible. But Doug never wavered. He was our steady hand in the process and I can’t imagine going through something like that again without him!

5 user5956381

Doug made buying our first home easy. Unlike other agents we worked with, he never pressured us from the start — or ever. He gave us a fair look at the pros and cons of each of the many houses we looked at. He answered numerous emails and phone calls promptly and consistently gave a running timeline of where we were in the process and what we could look forward to next.

In the beginning, the pace was relaxed for everyone, but when the search became serious, Doug’s responsiveness ramped up in helping us find and communicate with a lender, inspector, etc. When we finally made a bid, he urged us to include an elevator clause — something neither my husband nor I or many of our home-owning friends — had ever heard of. The clause helped us beat several other offers. He helped us communicate with the former owners (who were still renting back) when we wished to buy some of the furniture and art we saw during the staging.

Ultimately, this process was as smooth as we could expect, and we appreciated Doug’s forthrightness, honesty, timeliness, and personable demeanor.

Thanks for helping us buy our home, Doug!

5 peacewoman2

Doug has assisted us with the purchase of 3 houses and successful sale of 2 houses in the Seattle area. In each transaction we have benefited from his extensive experience in the real estate business patiently guiding us through each step of the way to bring about very successful results. Leslie/Don Waters

5 mgdavis03

After interviewing 4 “top” agents in the area I chose to list my house with Doug Holman for 2 reasons – his non ‘sales’ approach and pragmatic approach to getting the house on the marketing and maximizing the sale. Though it was a sellers market at the time, there were challenges but Doug helped keep the process moving forward. His experience with certain situations help me, the seller, keep focused on the bigger picture. In the end, the sale closed on time and Doug help negotiate some key conditions to help me with the transition out of the home. I definitely would recommend Doug to anyone who needs a partner in their real estate transaction, not just a salesman.

5 heimoandkate

Doug Holman is a superlative realtor. His innate intelligence and keen perception allow him to understand not only the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the real estate market but also the nature and personality of his clients. He succeeds because he develops a connection with his clients, leading them to houses he knows will be a match to their needs and wants. Working with Doug is a journey, where frustration and weariness vanish because of his wise and caring attitude. I recommend him without reservation.

5 evgroman

Doug took our house just after the housing crash and urged us to ride out the down swing by renting. He told us when the market was hot and how to get the house in order and prepare it for sale. Within a week of listing we had multiple offers and a buyer was selected based on Doug’s recommendation. Bottom line we have smiles all around.

5 bseliga1

We’ve had just a terrific experience with Doug. He really knows his stuff, understands his neighborhoods and combines an easy-going demeanor with savvy negotiating skills that saved us a lot of money! His ability to download what mattered to us was so good that it got so that we didn’t want to look at houses without him.

5 srseliga

We couldn’t have asked for a better listing agent to sell our home than Doug. He gave us fantastic advice on getting our house ready to sell, not only on what to change, bust also what not to waste our time and money worrying about. The photos he got of our house were so fantastic, he just got every detail right for listing the house. And his knowledge of the Shoreline / Lake Forest Park area and all homes that have listed their over the last couple of years is amazing. Our house had multiple offers within three days of listing, and the price that Doug advised us to set was definitely higher than we had been thinking, and turned out to be the right price. We couldn’t recommend Doug any more.

5 erik sederholm

Doug was my buying agent on both of the homes I’ve purchased. The things I like about Doug include: 1. I never feel any pressure from him. It’s objectively how I feel about the house + any input I ask from him and if we look at 10 that day and I don’t love any of them, it’s just back to the listings board with the same helpful/positive demeanor of the first 10. 2. He knows a lot about schools, better worse parts and other details of the north Seattle area which is where I’ve purchased my two homes. We also looked in South Seattle and other places though which I also felt like me provided good perspective on. 3. Doug is very responsive. I know I’ve personally felt bad about having Doug chaperone me around as I’m pretty picky. He let me know that even if it’s just one house and even if I’m not 100%, that he’d always rather as see it as fast as possible and take as many trips out as necessary than try and wait to save time. 4. Overall Doug is just a nice a pleasant person to spend time with and talk to through the buying process. I know he represents both buyers and sellers and I’d recommend him for either.

5 zuser20140609145402239

Doug Holman is a PRO in every sense of the word. Great knowledge of the greater Puget Sound Area market, intuitive customer service, and trustworthy. Doug was very accessible, helped negotiate a great price and was helpful through the execution of purchase. He clearly has a vast amount of experience and I would recommend him highly.

5 dhatchcover

Selling the family home, Doug took us through the steps we needed to do for a fast sale. They worked. He is very knowledgeable in all phases of real estate. Our family recommends him highly

5 hansencj5

Doug is a true professional and I highly recommend him as an agent. From start to finish Doug handled my listing like the expert that he is. He walked me through all the steps and new exactly what we needed to do to prep my property and where we needed to be on price. Within days I received a rock-solid offer and was closed in less than 30. Doug kept me informed all along the way, which I greatly appreciated. Thank you, Doug!

5 AlisonWycoff

Working with Doug Holman was fabulous. He understands and uses the art of negotiation, knows the neighborhood like the back of his hand, helped us secure financing for a fast close, and immediately responded to any communication. A rare combination of professionalism and fun, we won’t hesitate to use his services for our next real estate investment.

5 steveudd

Doug did an incredible job selling my Shoreline duplex – from start to finish. Doug did an excellent job and marketing the property and it was sold in a matter of days. I have never worked with an agent that did so much to help me manage the process of preparing my property for sale. He was always available and had all the contacts I needed when I was not sure where to turn for services.

5 zuser20150827070611019

I would absolutely use Doug again to buy or sell a house. I was introduced to Doug pretty late in my house hunting process, but he jumped right in and helped me immensely with what turned out to be a difficult process. My seller had some seller’s remorse, and Doug’s professionalism and assertiveness ultimately solved the problem and got me my house! Doug is a wealth of knowledge, and you can’t go wrong working with him.

5 prochaskas

Doug is very helpful and friendly. His attention to detail is very good and we had a very good feeling always while working with him. He helped us to find and purchase a condominium in Seattle and assisted in all manner in dealing with the condominium association problems and requirements.

5 user328111

Doug was recommended to us by a friend that had worked with him previously and we can understand why. We would highly recommend Doug to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Seattle. Doug took the time to understand what we were looking for in a home and worked with us to find the perfect match. He was very responsive throughout the process and was never impatient with all of our questions and indecisiveness. He has extensive knowledge of the city’s neighborhoods and a good sense of the current state of the market. Bottom line – highly recommended and we wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Doug again if we need an agent again in the future.

5 SHOYT819

I have worked with Doug on several purchases and sales of Seattle properties over the last 20 years including the purchase and sale of investment property including a duplex and triplex. He is professional, responsive and understands the market. He made my needs a priority and I will continue to use him for all of me Seattle Real Estate needs.

5 bob54284

Doug worked with me to sell my Ballard Condo and I was blown away by the amount of work he did on my behalf, the sound advice that he gave, and the knowledge and expertise he brought to the process. Because of Doug, I am certain that my Condo sold faster and for significantly more money than I could have ever done without him. On top of that, Doug made the process fun and gave me confidence at every step.

5 user8482526

Doug is one in a million! Straightforward, honest and a great asset to what can be a daunting and often frustrating process of buying/selling a home. With his 25 years experience, Doug is adept at assessing a given market and house and provided effective negotiation strategies to close the deal. We intended to buy a fixer-upper. Having Doug there was invaluable — he could quickly assess a house, the associated repairs and provide estimated repair/improvement costs. Whether it be roof quality, siding repair or carpet replacement costs, the information Doug provided on the fly helped inform our bidding and negotiating strategy. Doug provides exceptional client service. He is an excellent communicator and maintained an open and candid dialogue through the entire process. We ALWAYS felt like he was on our side and had the utmost confidence in his ability to advocate and negotiate on our behalf. Look no further for a realtor – Doug is the guy for you!

5 jensen8899

We approached Doug about purchasing a new home in Lake Forest Park roughly 4 years ago. He was patient with us in learning what we wanted for our family, and the type of homes we were open to looking at. FOUR years!! Each time a home that met our very narrow criteria became available, he was responsive, objective, and it truly felt like he always had our families best interest at heart. When we found the home we wanted, he skillfully negotiated our deal, and communicated with us at all points along the way. He heard what we wanted, listened to where we were open to negotiating, and in the end we landed with a home we could not be happier in, at a price that was within our budget. If you are looking for a home in the Lake Forest Park or surrounding area, you could not go wrong with selecting Doug Holman as your agent.

5 rodpix711

Working with Doug was an outstanding experience for our family as he helped to sell our elderly mother’s home. Doug not only helped us with the details and framework of the sale, but he took the initiative to help us identity areas of the home that needed to be spruced up for sale, and then followed through with us to completion. Doug is hard-working and professional, and above all he is honest and trustworthy. That mattered the most to my mother and to our family, and we were rewarded with a top-of-the-line experience. I highly recommend Doug without any reservations.

5 henrytsang2016

Doug has been great to work with from day one. We plan to retire to the northern Seattle area and we wanted to find an investment property to start planting our roots. We were unfamiliar with the local market and we needed someone with a lot of experience not only to find us the right home, but also educate us about the entire market. Doug was really great on both counts. When you look at a lot of properties, you spend a lot of time with your agent traveling from place to place. We spent our time asking hundreds of questions and Doug patiently explained the entire market landscape to us. Since we work out of the country and departed Seattle before the closing, Doug has also found a tenant for our condo. So the process from finding a property to renting out the property has been very easy and efficient. We would definitely use his services again.

5 bliss.libs

We learned about Doug through a referral from a friend of ours and we couldn’t have been happier working with him. We contacted him a year before we were ready to move to discuss our plan and ,overtime, asked a lot of questions. From the beginning he was timely in responding and thoughtfully answered our myriad questions. He came to our house on several occasions to meet with us, long before we were ready to list our house. We really appreciate the time he took with us. Once we were ready to list, the process was seamless and this was because Doug was on top of all the details. Doug has a wealth of experience and clearly knows the realty business. We highly recommend Doug to anyone in need of a listing agent.

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Our family is seeking for various residential properties for long-term investment in Seattle area, and we are lucky to have worked with Doug since the beginning of this process. Doug is a dedicated real estate agent with a vast knowledge of the local market and understanding of investment strategies. Doug found this duplex which meets all of our investment criteria. He performed property inspection on our behalf to ensure there was no hidden problem. His assessment was accurate, detailed and timely for us to make the purchase decision. The bidding process was competitive with no less than five offers. Doug advised us with the right purchase price to acquire the property to beat the next best offer by just $5,000. With his help on the paperwork, we were able to close this transaction quickly. Not only taking us through the purchasing process but he also helped us find a perfect tenant to lease this place. We were very picky, and he had to show the property multiple times. I would recommend Doug to anyone who is looking to buy residential properties in the Greater Seattle Area.

1 luci brandner

I tried to enlist Doug’s help today for our impending move to the Seattle, WA area and before I could even get my first sentence out, he said “no thanks, not interested” and hung up. Incredibly rude and very disappointing, especially since he was our first experience with anyone in the area.

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