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Doug Holman

Get rid of that old refrigerator (and other stuff) the EASY way

Recently in a fit of productivity I made a number of trips to the dump; also known as a transfer station for those under the age of 30, who’ve never laid eyes on an actual dump.  Between 3 different properties (upcoming new listing, a rental property and my own home), 4 significant dump runs were made with the help of a friend’s very large truck.  No you cannot have his phone number.  It was both successful and cathartic except for the one item I couldn’t wrestle into the truck myself, an old refrigerator long past its prime.  Fortunately the manual labor jogged free a distant memory I had about a service company known as JACO Environmental. 

Jaco provides curbside pick-up service of old refrigerators for $25-30, about the same cost as taking the appliance to a King County transfer station yourself.  And if the appliance meets certain requirements, Jaco will actually pay you (up $50) to properly dispose of an old refrigerator.  The amount depends on your local utility provider and meeting certain requirements.  You can learn more about the program at

Many additional hazardous waste products can find their way out of your home at no cost through the King County Hazardous Waste program.  There are 5 different locations including a North Seattle facility at NE 125th Street and Stone Avenue.  You pay for it in your utility bill so use it! 

Rid yourself of the following (subject to limits)

–          Fluorescent tubes or bulbs, up to 10.

–          Car batteries, up to 5.

–          Liquid waste, up to 50 gallons.  There is a long list of included items at the website.

–          Gasoline up to 30 gallons (I’ll take your gasoline, jeez).

You can learn more about King County recycling at:

Finally, if you’re like me you’ve got a bag full of those CFL light bulbs that have burnt out that you’re not sure what to do with.  Any Home Depot or Lowe’s will take those off your hands.  Typically you’ll find a small disposal station just inside the big box entry, no expense to you.

Sometimes you just need to know where to go!

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